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"If you want your child to be a professional dancer then this is the place to send them. The teachers are amazing and the attention to technique is wonderful. The recitals will amaze your family and friends as well. Dancemaker is true to it's name it makes wonderful dancers and yes I am a dance mom whose son is now a professional dancer thanks to Geoffrey Cascio and Bernadette Meehan the owners and teachers at Dancemaker!!" – L. Kayner


"I don't know where to begin. My family has been a member of the Dancemaker family since my knock kneed daughter walked through their doors in February of 1997 with my 6th month old in toe. She is now an accomplished dancer, diver, swimmer and instructor all because of the amazing instruction she received at Dancemaker. Dancemaker gives kids the foundations necessary to create talented productive adults. My son also started at Dancemaker on his 3rd birthday and continued until high school when he used the skills he learned at Dancemaker to become a competitive diver. Needless to say Dancemaker is where dreams begin......."


"Looking for a dance studio? Look no more...Dancemaker is the place for you! My daughter has been dancing at Dancemaker since 2001. I can honestly say that my daughter is the dancer she is today because of Dancemaker. They are more than just a studio, everyone there is like a family. They teach you more than dance moves, they teach you technique, the terminology, and give you the confidence to believe in yourself. So, if you're looking for a studio, call Geoff or Bernadette for further information." – S. Bernica


"My daughter has been dancing at Dancemaker for a little over two years and has grown tremendously from the exceptional instruction she has received at Dancemaker. Whether you are dancing solely for fun and enjoyment or are seeking a professional career, Dancemaker is the studio for you. The instructors are caring and nurturing but also disciplined with an outstanding background and knowledge in all types of dance. If you are looking for a vibrant, energetic studio and the opportunity to perform in professional Broadway type shows, you'll love Dancemaker!" – Michelle D.


"My daughter has been dancing at Dancemaker for 8 years. She absolutely loves it and so do we. Through the years we have enjoyed witnessing the development of and been amazed at the beautiful dancer my daughter has become. She continues to grow and learn every year." – Tonydeb L.


"I have been dancing at Dancemaker since I was 3 years old, I am now 18 years old and I just finished taking classes there. Dancemaker has been a home away from home, the people there were a second family, I met my best friend there as well as other life long friends. Geoff and Bernedette have been a huge influence on my life and I know no matter where I go or what I do with my life it all started with Dancemaker. The experience you will get here will probably be one of the bests." -Brittney Baca


"We have been a part of the Dancemaker family since my daughter was just about 3 yrs old, and come back every yr. Dancemaker is a fabulous dance studio where life long friendships are build and life long memories. We love Dancemaker!"


CONGRATULATIONS to the ENTIRE DANCEMAKERS CAST and CREW!!! Simply gorgeous, and brilliantly performed and DIRECTED!!! It was more like watching a Broadway show than a "dance recital!" Thank you to the talented Casio's for and incredibly entertaining show! (Georgina Pearce - Teacher with the Glendora Unified School District.)

Grow and develop with our team

"I have watched many students grow and develop into young talented performers who light up a stage from the instruction they receive at Dancemaker. Little, shy wall flowers become confident to take on more than they would ever have dreamed possible. Their highly qualified instructors know how to bring out the best in each student."


"The yearly recital is more like a broadway production with fantastic costumes and very exciting to watch. Dancemaker is a performing arts studio for all ages and skill levels with a personal side that keeps the students and parents returning year after year."

"This studio is AMAZING. When I was looking for a dance studio for my daughter over 15 years ago, someone recommended I try dancemaker. I'm so glad that I did. I would recommend dancemaker to anyone who would like to have their child learn how to dance/perform, learn proper terminology, technique and confidence. I call that paying it forward!" - R. Wendling

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People are saying great things about our studio and we're so excited and honored to be part of developing a craft that you and your child can be proud of.

Paying it forward

Making a difference

"Thank you to everyone at Dancemaker you have taught my two girls the best work ethic and that hard work pays off, not to mention the wonderful exposure to so many different dance styles and so much fun!!!"

- L. Collett



Best dance studio around! The owners take dance technique, choreography and dediction to the art very seriously. Amazing classes for every age and skill level. Their productions are fantastic and the students have a blast!


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